Islam is the religion of ALLAH Almighty and we can learn its teachings from the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Islam is the religion that provides a complete way of life for humanity. Our academy online Shia Quran Teacher are highly qualified.

So, learning the Holy Quran and the teachings of Islam is essential for all Muslims. To fulfill this need, Al Najaf Quran Academy has been operating since 2011. Each online Shia Quran teacher on board with our academy has scholarly knowledge of the Holy Quran and Islam. They not only teach authentic Quran courses but also Islamic courses to enlighten the lives of Muslims worldwide.

Benefits Of Learning From Our Online Shia Quran Teacher

There are many benefits of learning from our Shia Quran teachers that you can take advantage of. Some of these competitive edges of our Quran center and its teachers are listed as under.

  • Our Quran tutors and Islamic course teachers are certified, experienced, and skilled experts.
  • Our Quran teachers have a profound experience in excellent Quranic and Islamic teaching for more than 10 years.
  • They focus on attention to detail and one-on-one learning for every student to give maximum learning and knowledge.
  • Our Shia Online Quran teacher teaches through various virtual platforms, like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet, effectively for detailed learning.
  • They also focus on the custom requirements of every student and shape the course learning outcomes and goals accordingly.
  • They do not confine their teaching to only one particular geographical area, rather they teach people all around the globe.
  • To teach all the students in a calm and comfortable environment, Al Najaf Quran Academy has female and male teachers.
  • All of our Sia Quran tutors are proficient in the English language and are capable of teaching classes fluently in English.
  • Our Quran tutors also designate a discussion day with all their students to get feedback. They employ this feedback for continuous improvement.

What Courses Can I Take In Your Shia Quran Classes?

We offer a lot of courses that you can take from our authentic and wise Shia Quran tutors. These courses include the Yassarnal Quran, Quran with Tajweed, Islamic studies courses, Quran learning courses, and Quran memorization courses.

Basic Quran Learning Courses

In the basic Quran learning courses, our Quran experts teach our students the basic knowledge of the Holy Quran. This includes the Yassarnal Quran, Noorani Qaida learning, and basic Islamic studies learning including the Kalma and Namaaz (Salaat/ Prayers).

Quran Learning Courses

In the Quran learning courses, our Shia Quran tutors teach many different courses. They include Quran reading, Quran recitation, Quran with Tajweed, and Quran Memorization (Hifz e Quran). At the end of our Quran classes, we dedicate 10 minutes to Islamic studies as well.

Islamic Studies Courses

In the Islamic studies courses, our Islamic scholars and Online Shia Quran teachers teach different books and Duas to provide complete and authentic Islamic knowledge for all Shia Muslims worldwide. Nahjul Blagha, Asool e Kafi, and Seerat e Imams are the books, and Dua e Imam e Zamana, Nada e Ali, and Dua e Kumail are some of the many Duas we cover in our courses. Fandamel Principals of Religion (Usool e Deen) and Branches of the Religion (Furu e Deen) are also covered in these courses.

Facility Of Online Shia Quran Classes

We offer all our online courses and online Shia Quran classes five days a week. But if any student requires we also offer our classes for them on the weekend. Our Quran teachers also offer flexible scheduling of classes. They are available 24/7 so you can schedule your classes at your convenience.

We offer classes of 30 minutes as well as 60 minutes. In the 30-minute class, we teach the Holy Quran for 20 minutes and then Islamic studies for the last 10 minutes. Whereas, in the 60-minute class, we teach the Holy Quran for 45 minutes and then Islamic studies for the last 15 minutes.

Final Remarks

So, if you are looking for authentic Islamic and Quranic learning from skilled and experienced Quran experts, do not look any further. You can get in touch with us now through our website or designated phone number and start your Quran and Islam learning journey by joining our student body of 1000+ people now!