We always welcome you to our Quranic website. Shia Quran Teacher Online is the name of a Shia Islamic Online Academy, Center, Madrasa or Institution. Which is specially made for children and adults of Shia families living abroad. Many Shiites in foreign countries suffer from difficulties related to Islamic teachings. You can learn Islamic teachings online using a simple online application form. Start your Islamic Education Journey with professional and expert Shia Quran Tutors Online.

How our Shia Online Quran Tutor Helps in Islamic Education

As we all know, to acquire any skill or education, we need an experienced teacher. Our institution offers you and your children complete guidance in the teachings of Islam. Our department offers a lot of help, especially with Quranic teachings. Let’s start your child’s Quran learning from the basics. After establishment, we teach children to read the Quran regularly.Our online Shia Quran tutors do their best to cover all aspects of Shia Islamic fiqh teaching and Quranic teachings.

As the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of God be upon him) said: “The best Muslim is one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it to others.” Reading the Qur’an alone is not perfection, but reaching it and reading it with commentary is perfection. Our Al Najaf Quran Academy will help you in memorising the Quran and other Islamic teachings.

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Shia Yassarnal Quran Online is a word drive-through the proclamation of Allah Subhana Tala. These ayahs are motivating Muslims to focus on learning of Quran.

Shia Yassarnal Quran Online Learning

Mostly in the Shia Yassarnal Quran Online learning, the Shia Quran lesson is divided into two parts. Students learn more about the basic alphabets of joining words while emphasizing proper pronunciation.


Muslims have a passion for studying the Quran with an excellent understanding of the Arabic language.


Tajweed means to make better, and it is all about the accurate pronunciation of Arabic terms. Online Shia Quran teaching is aimed to impart the rules of the earth from a theoretical point of view


Al Najaf Quran Academy offers a place for those seeking the teaching of their faith, Learn Quran Shia.

Shia Islamic Studies Online for kids

Shia Islamic studies Online for kids is a field that has many different Islamic schools and Our Shia Quran academy offering different curriculum with different goals.


Here at Learn Quran Shia, and Shia Quran Memorization Online, we will show understudy subtle elements of all Ayaats .

Shia Quran Memorization Online in the USA

We right now offer the Quran Learning Online at our Academy. Our coaches first assess the understudy’s level and after that begin with any of these Online Shia Quran Classes.

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  • 600+ registered students across the world

  • 99% satisfied experience with international students

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  • Most affordable and competitive course charges

  • Male and female tutors are Available

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Learn the Quran with Professional Online Shia Quran Teachers

Al Najaf Quran is an institute where there are professional teachers. You can now easily learn Quran online from our institution which is one of the best Shia Quran Online Academy. If you want to acquire the best recitation skills or want to teach yourself or your children the best Quran, you have come to the right place. Join us today and start Shia Quran lessons with us online. We wish to have the privilege of enlightening the hearts of thousands of believers with the light of the Qur’an so that they may be rewarded. Our Qur’anic Study Center is recognized as a leading online institution worldwide. All teachers in our institute are well versed in Quran and Islamic teachings.

We have experienced Shia Quran Teachers online who have complete knowledge of Quran. They not only know how to read the Koran well, but also know its glory and hadiths, traditions and events related to it. The help of these teachers will not only help you to read the Quran but also help you to understand the Quran. It is important not only to read the Qur’an, but also to consider Tafseer and the translation of the Qur’an. It is important to know the glory of the revelation of each surah and also to know the state in which the surah was revealed. Our teachers will provide you with complete guidance.

Being the best online Shia Quran center, we are proud to have many satisfied students from all over the world. 

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Shia Online Quran Academy | Center

“Al Najaf Quran Academy ” is a Quran and Islamic Institution | Center | Madrasa or Academy Online. Where not only you and your children are taught to read the Quran but also develop their understanding of the Quran. Our Al Najaf Online Quran Center has Quranic teachers who train you according to the rules of the Quran. Here you will practice from the beginning and gain complete mastery over the Holy Qur’an.

We have taught hundreds of Momins and they have successfully completed courses from us. The main purpose of creating our institution is to help Mominen easily learn the Holy Book at home.

We Offer Courses Including

  • Basic Belief
  • Kalma
  • Usool-E-Deen (Basic of Religion)
  • Farua-ad-Deen (Branches of Islam)
  • All Basic Islamic Fundamentals
  • Manners & Etiquette
  • Short Surah Memorizations
  • Salah(Prayer)
  • Wadhu (Ablution)
  • Ghul (Bath)
  • Funeral Prayer
  • 14 Masoom
  • Nahjul Balagha
  • Battle of Karbala

Students can learn the Quran online through all these courses at a very affordable price. Contact Us And Start Taking Your Classes. These Courses Are Very Important In Making A Character Of Momineen. We Are The Right Choice For You If We Want Remote Learning At Home.

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Before making your final decision, feel free to apply for admission. To proceed with your enrollment, simply click the button provided below.

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Shia Quran Teachers’ Online Shia Quran Center

Nowadays everyone is conscious. They teach their children religion according to the boundaries set by their community. And as you all know, there are different fields. The people who belong to them, according to the sect, want to gain knowledge about Islam. When we talk about the Shia community, there are actually fewer organizations or people who are dedicated to teaching Islam and the Qur’an according to Shia values. In this regard, we can offer you an online tutor for children and adults.

Al Najaf Quran Academy, an online Shia Quran teachers’ organization, is for people who are living abroad. The Basic Aim of our Institute is to provide High-Quality  Shia Quran Teacher for Shia Community. We have a group of professionally certified online Shia Quran teachers who are highly qualified in Shia Quran and other Fiqh education.

The Academy offers the best courses for Shia Muslims worldwide. We are an online center and offer online courses. Our goal is to educate our youth for their successful future.

Online Shia Quran Teacher for Kids and youth

Al Najaf Quran Academy online is offering an intensive introductory Quranic recitation course For Kids & Youth.
Our Academy is the first and largest Online Al Najaf Quran center on the internet with enormous experience of teaching Quran online and having a large number of satisfied students all over the World. It is a great opportunity for us to learn the Quran at its most convenient time.
Our Academy provides services of Quran and Religious Studies of the School of Ahlulbayt (Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim); our program is designed for benefiting the people, who are facing difficulties in reaching Saturday School or Sunday School to learn Quran. Our qualified teachers teach the Quran through Tajweed. With our program you can learn, read and understand the Quran online by sitting at home.

Why Join our academy For Learning Quranic Arabic?

What teacher would parents like for their children in online Quran learning? First our team of Online Shia Quran teachers would like to ask that, have you ever imagined that you would travel to the Middle East country or hire a Quran teacher who teaches with the same Arabic accent. It would be too costly and time consuming. But if you still have the desire to learn Quran recitation then our online learning is the best and easy way to do it.
We have created various programs to learn how to recite the Quran with Tajweed for non-Arabic students, you can listen to live recitation of the Quran, special teachers are assigned for different ages, experienced online Quran teachers for male and female teachers. layout lessons and many more, so join us to easily learn Arabic from the Quran.
Hire an online Shia tutor for kids to make learning the Qur’an easier
Not all children respond the same way to teaching. It is a blessing and a fortune to have a teacher who understands the needs of the students and follows a personalized teaching style.
When talking about Quran education, the latest technology changed the way we learn now in comparison to the old days. Thanks to the internet that our level of knowledge has raised today we have easy access to an immense wealth of Quran information.
When we talk about online learning for kids, we think of entertainment and interesting things. But when we talk about learning the Quran, we think of YouTube or other learning options. The internet offers different kinds of platforms for learning the Quran. There are videos, different types of tutorials, mobile apps to teach the Quran to children in different ways. There are methods for tests and exercises. Everyone is embracing the power of the Internet, and using it for different purposes like learning. Therefore, many Quranic centers have jumped on the bandwagon and are offering various Quranic courses online. Students and parents can choose an academy and sign up for any specific course for their children.

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Online Shia Quran Teacher

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Familiarize yourself with communication applications such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc. Use a good website that displays Quranic verses in both Arabic and English (interpreting their meaning). Use gamification as much as possible to make the educational environment a game.

The Quran does not contain verses on the Imamate, which is the basic doctrine of Shia Islam.

The Shi’ah believe that Muhammad composed and wrote the Qur’an during his lifetime. That finished version of the Koran was kept next to Muhammad’s pulpit in the Medina mosque, where scholars transcribed more copies.

The Shi’ah believe that Muhammad composed and wrote the Qur’an during his lifetime. That finished version of the Koran was kept next to Muhammad’s pulpit in the Medina mosque, where scholars transcribed more copies.

To find a Shia Quran Teacher, you can reach out to local Shia mosques, Islamic centers, or educational institutions that offer Quranic education. Online platforms like Al Najaf Quran Academy also provide resources to find qualified Shia Quran Teachers.

Yes, Shia Quran lessons are being conducted online in Al Najaf Quran Academy. We offer the flexibility of remote learning. You are required to have a PC and an internet connection.

At our Shia Quran Center, you can directly enroll to any courses mentioned on our website by contacting us on the CHAT Support platform.

Our aim is to accommodate the preferences of the students. If you prefer a female teacher for your Shia Quran Teaching, you can inquire with us about the availability of female teachers. We often have qualified female teachers who can teach female students in a comfortable and appropriate environment.

Yes, we recognize the importance of personalized learning. Whether you’re a beginner or have advanced knowledge, our Shia Quran Academy provides customized guidance to support your Shia Quran Learning journey.

We always welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds who are interested in learning about the Quran from a Shia perspective.

Participating in the Shia Quran Teacher Online classes at Al Najaf QuranAcademy, requires a stable internet connection, a device (such as a computer, tablet or smartphone), and access to a video conferencing platform.

As Shia Quran Academy, we accept various payment methods for the convenience of our students. These commonly include credit cards and online payment platforms.

You can check them by clicking on the monthly packages.