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Introducing the world’s most reliable and recognized Virtual Shia Quran Academy where you find the finest online Shia Quran Teacher to enlighten you with Islamic Concepts and the essence of the Quran. Al Najaf Quran Academy is amongst the most authentic and experienced Islamic Academies offering a variety of Islamic courses online across the Globe. There is no age limit to acquire our professional Quran teaching services, so whether you need a Quran teacher for your kids, siblings, or parents we are here with the right assistance.

We are providing online Shia Teaching through both male and female tutors. In this way, you can choose a suitable option whatever you think fine for your Shia Quran classes. Being professionals, we have highly qualified and well-mannered tutors for our international Quran students. You will enjoy a wonderful experience of Shia Quran learning with our professional Shia Quran Teacher that we will appoint for your Islamic learning and Quran Tafseer & translation.

We have a long experience in teaching international Shia Students from across the globe especially UK, USA, Canada, and Australia. So wherever you are, get the best online Shia Quran Teacher and learn anything you want about Islam and Quran. Our utmost efforts are aimed to enlighten every single Shia Muslim with the essence of the Quran and Islamic Studies from Prophet Muhammad PBUH and Ahlul-Bait.

If you are looking for the right place where you could learn Quran according to your personal schedule & routine then you are only one click away because Al Najaf Quran Academy is here to meet your expectations and demands.

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Online Shia Quran Teacher

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Now registration is just a click away and you will be registered as a regular student of Al-Najaf Quran Academy and be the part of the World’s most reliable Shia Quran Institute.

Online Shia Quran Teacher

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We provide you a free trial before you get registered for Online Quran to make you feel comfortable while registering yourself. There will be free trial classes and proper guidance of everything.

Online Shia Quran Teacher

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In this pandemic, there is no need to go to a Quran academy or ask a Quran teacher to come to your place because Al Najaf Quran Academy is offering the finest online Shia Quran Classes.

Shia Quran Teacher

Looking for a Shia Quran Teacher in UK, USA, Canada, or Australia? Al Najaf Quran Academy is here with the most qualified and reliable online Shia Quran teacher in USA, UK for you. Now you don’t need to go to any Quran Academy to attend the Shia Online Quran classes because we are offering Online Quran Classes to our students across the Globe. Whether you want to learn Quran Shia, Tafseer, Translation, or other Shia Islamic Studies we are always here to assist you with the finest Shia Islamic teaching with the most qualified and experienced Tutors.

Online Shia Quran Teacher

Our Shia Quran Teaching services are the most trusted services in the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada as well have more than 10 years of professional experience in Online Shia Quran teaching.

Why you need a Quran teacher?

Quran is the Holiest book of Islam and the total asset of our religion in which Allah speaks to His creation in every aspect of life. Moreover, Allah has ordered to read and understand Quran thoroughly as it teaches us not only to be good Muslims but to be good leaders. Furthermore, it is highly beneficent for the next life which is permanent. However, reading and understanding the Quran is not as easy as it seems.

Therefore there should be someone to teach Quran and help to understand its Tafseer. Thus Al Najaf Quran Academy is here with the most qualified and certified Online Shia Quran tutor for you. This is the best opportunity for you because our Quran tutors ensure a high understanding of the Quran and Tafseer by taking surprise quizzes, tests, and Viva of whatever has studied till the date. In this way, you will get a high grip on the Quran and other teachings of Islam that are brought to us by Ahlul-Bait.

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Why Choose Online Shia Quran Teacher

Online Shia Quran Teacher


Being professionals, we are serving our international students virtually with highly efficient and effective online web portal which enables is to deliver quality learning for you and your family. Our vast experience in online Quran teaching makes us the best choice for you.

Shia Quran learning online


Al Najaf Quran Academy is working with the aim to show our students the right path by enlightening them with the utmost essence of Quran & Islam. Our regular online classes would help you to be habitual of reading and reciting Quran.

Shia Quran Classes online


Having more than 10 years of excellent experience in virtual Quran teaching our professional tutors are capable to teach any kind of student with any kind of learning capabilities. Our tutors know how to teach different types of students with different teaching styles. So feel free to contact us if you want to learn Quran from the best Online Shia Quran tutor.

Shia Quran Instructor

As we are offering reliable and certified Quran teaching, we are also helping our students to follow the teachings of Islam by our qualified Shia Quran instructors. The instructors know the most effective ways to put our students to the right path with the help of teachings of Islam. Undoubtedly, we care about our students and therefore we use the teaching and instructing ways that make you feel comfortable and blessed to be registered at Al Najaf Quran Academy. We have a huge network with more than a thousand international students, especially from UK, USA, Australia, and Canada. Moreover, there are hundreds of online instructors for you that are highly qualified, experienced, and professional. Thus you can feel free to contact us whatever you want to learn about Shia Islamic Studies and Islam.

Shia Quran Academy

Al Najaf Quran Academy is one of the most reliable and highly professional Virtual Shia Online Quran Academy that is working for more than a decade to teach Shia Muslims about the Quran, Tafseer, and the studies brought to us by Ahlul Bait. If you are looking for the best place where you want your family to learn Quran and Islamic studies then you have come to the right place.

Our teaching services are highly appreciated by our students because our instructors and tutors are highly professional and the online portal system we use is highly effective and efficient that enables us to produce the finest teaching results.


Don’t worry wherever you are and whatever you want to learn about Quran and Islam. We are here with the right virtual assistance for you offering the best Quran teaching services online across the world. Now you don’t need to find a local tutor and ask him/her to teach you at your place because you can earn Quran online through the best Virtual Shia Quran Learning Online System.

It will save your time as well as make you more comfortable while learning Quran and Shia Islamic Studies. We are aimed to provide quality learning, a peaceful environment, and maximum time saving to our students.

Why Choose Al Najaf Quran Academy?

Being the world leaders in Online Shia Quran teaching, we are aimed to provide the best learning of the Quran to enlighten you with the essence of the Quran and other Shia Islamic studies. Our 10 years of professional experience makes us the best choice for you. Moreover, there are some important points that distinguish us from our competitors.

  • Certified student web portal
  • Qualified and experienced Shia Quran Tutor
  • 1000+ registered students across the world
  • The tailored virtual teaching process
  • 24 hours available for international students
  • Quick and easy registration
  • Most affordable and competitive course charges
  • Male and female tutors are offered
  • Served thousands of students
  • 99% satisfied experience with international students

These are some important things that we proudly announce because this is the only place where you will find all these qualities in one place. Our vision is to satisfy our students with the fines Quran learning and enlighten themselves with the light of the Quran and Shia Islamic Courses.

Whenever and wherever you need our online Shia Quran Teacher, we will appoint it for you to start regular Shia Quran classes online. To satisfy you with the teaching services we provide some sample classes to make you feel more comfortable while registering yourself to Al Najaf Quran Academy.

You can reach us at below given details for the more quick response.

Online Shia Quran Teacher

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