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Welcome to Al Najaf Quran Academy the most reliable and recognized online Shia Quran learning platform in UK, USA, AU, and Canada. Now you can get the finest online Shia Quran Teaching services sitting at your homes. We are aimed to provide quality Islamic education while ensuring comfort, mental satisfaction, and quality learning. We are here with the most qualified and experienced Quran tutors who are taking online classes of our international students through the best Virtual Shia Quran Learning system.

Our vision is to enlighten our students with the light of the Quran. Thus we have served more than a thousand students globally since 2010. Our professional Shia online Quran teaching is available for everyone who wants to learn Quran, Tafseer, tajweed, and translation from a reliable Shia Quran Tutor. Now you don’t need to find a reliable Shia Quran teacher locally in UK, USA, or elsewhere because we are here for you.

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Why do I need Shia Quran Teaching Online services?

Quran is the last message of Islam and the whole Muslim Ummah is supposed to read and understand this holiest book. Quran is written in the Arabic language and its translation is available in more than a hundred languages. However, reciting Quran in Arabic is the best practice for Muslims. It could be difficult for you or your kids if you can’t read Arabic fluently.

Thus you need someone who can teach you and assist you in reading, understanding, and memorizing Quran. For this purpose, we have the best online Shia Quran tutors for you that will take your online classes and make this blessed activity easier for you.

Reading and reciting Quran is better than anything we do in our lives. Moreover, the reward for memorizing Quran is a direct entrance to Heaven hereafter. So why don’t get register yourselves to Al Najaf Quran Academy where you are finding high-quality Shia Online Quran teaching services through proper online Shia Quran classes.

Easy online Quran learning by Shia Quran teaching Online services

Looking for a Shia Quran tutor in UK, USA, AU, or Canada? It’s difficult to find a reliable Shia Quran teacher online locally specifically in these countries therefore we are here with Shia Quran teaching online services. You can get registered here and take Shia online Quran classes sitting at your home. We are providing high-quality and authentic Quran teaching assistance to our students globally specifically for the students of Australia, Canada, the UK, and the USA.

We have a strong and effective Virtual Shia Quran learning Online system which enables us to provide quality learning to our students wherever they are located. Our tailored process of teaching Quran, Tafseer, Tajweed, and translation distinguishes us from others. You will surely find a sharp difference in your fluency in reciting and reading Quran within few days.

We are mainly focusing on providing time-saving, comfortable, and cost-efficient learning of the Quran for those who are busy in their personal lives, business, education, and jobs. In this way, they can easily fulfill this holly duty of Islam by their favorite Shia Quran Tutor online.

Qualified and certified male & female Quran tutors

Being professionals, we have both Shia female and Shia male Quran teachers for you that are highly qualified and certified. In this way, you will get quality learning of the Quran and will face no problem in understanding the deep-logical verses of the Quran. You can select the tutor according to your privacy and mental satisfaction either male or female.

However, we don’t allow male tutors for female students that are 15+ in age. There is nothing more important than delivering quality learning to our students and for this, it is important to ensure that the students are comfortable and mentally satisfied. Therefore we try to allocate same-gender tutors for the students that can teach them in a friendly, professional, and well manner.

We ensure understanding among tutors and students so that the students may ask any question without keeping the fear of the tutors in mind. To build confidence in our students, the tutors keep practicing different techniques that help the students to speak when needed.

Best Shia Quran learning in UK, USA, AU, and Canada

AL Najaf is amongst the best Quran Academies in the UK, USA, AU, and Canada where you find the best Shia Quran learning sitting at your homes. You are not supposed to go to an Islamic institute to learn Quran in this Covid pandemic. Stay home and stay safe while learning Quran virtually through our Online Shia Quran teaching in the USA services.

We ensure high-quality Quran learning in a convenient, cheap, and quick learning system. Our tutors are the best Shia Quran Alim that can put maximum Quran knowledge not only to your minds but in your hearts with the way they follow while teaching Quran. Learning and understanding the Quran is not difficult when you have the right mentor. So let’s start from today and make it done with the help of our experienced and qualified Shia Online Quran teacher.

Why AL Najaf Quran Academy?

Shia Quran Teaching OnlineThis is an interesting question that we love to answer because there is so much to mention that makes us special and distinguishes us from others. Being a professional and certified Shia online Quran Academy, we have more than 10 years of experience in teaching the Quran to our international students. We have served 1000+ students with the right Quran teaching services taking their regular classes on different Quran courses.

The best thing about our Academy is that 100% of students are fully satisfied by our Quran teaching services and they keep referring others to get registered to Al Najaf Quran Academy. Therefore we don’t need to do marketing of our services because our students are our marketers who represent us globally.

Furthermore, we have some of the best Online Quran tutors for you that are highly skilled, qualified, and professional in teaching Quran online. All of the tutors are experienced and certified that gives us confidence in producing the best Quran learning results. While providing supreme quality Quran learning services we charge minimal fee charges from our students. Due to low charges, we never compromise the quality of teaching and learning because we care about our students and do our job with integrity and honesty.

Get registered today and learn Quran first

Al Najaf Quran Academy is a highly recognized Quran learning platform where limited slots are offered periodically. Get yourselves registered because the registration is open now. The candidates would be registered on a first-come basis. So don’t waste your time and also suggest your family, friends, and relatives learn Quran Online from the best virtual Quran Learning platform. This is the opportunity to learn Quran from the right Shia Quran mentors that are teaching international students for the last 10 years.

We take online Quran classes and cover up the courses in different specified periods of time. You can get the details about course, classes, and time table from our customer care staff dialing our telephone number. Moreover, you will get the registration details and guidance from the same number.

Enlighten yourselves with the essence of the Quran and Shia Islamic studies derived from Ahlul bait. To make it possible, we will assist you with the right Shia Quran Tutors and you will be on the right path before you complete our Quran course with ALLAH’s will!