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No one can deny the fact that self-study is the key to finding anything. No one can learn anything unless they are in that mood. But definitely, you can’t deny the fact that you have to create an environment to pour down something in your mind. If self-learning was the only factor, then all schools, universities, and colleges must be empty. But proper classes and guidance to learn everything is important. You need to join proper classes to learn something in a more particular manner. Therefore, it would be better if you joined genuine classes to learn the Holy Quran. And seek information from there. There will be more punctuality, discipline, regularity, and conceptual learning through this method. Online Shia Quran lessons for children and adults are offered securely on Skype.

It holds the attention of students towards it and helps them seek a better way. Moreover, by joining such sorts of classes you learn a lot out of the box and explore in a better way. It is clear that when you belong to a sect, you always receive instructions from your ancestors and elders about that sector. But some things lag in that situation. Our authentic Shia Quran classes give guidance on how we should live our lives Islamically according to the Shia sect. Keeping in view these points you should take part in our regular set of classes to learn something more.

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How our Shia Online Quran Classes a Must-Join?

When you search online there are a lot of institutes that claim to be the best and teach online according to your demands. But there are a lot of factors that you need to take care of while choosing a proper class for you.In this regard, if we talk about what we offer that is worth joining would be a point to listen to. Shia Classes are the most reasonable.However, the most versatile class series in learning the Holy Qur’an. Our Shia Quran courses are more customer focused and have really good moldable staff. Who tries to fit in the demands of the customer. This makes our online Shia Quran classes respectable but different from others.
Online classes are not always easy to join. There is always a sort of communication gap between the teacher and the student. That needs to be filled with the proper effort of the institution. We understand that and take proper measures to prevent that gap between the teacher and the student. approach the student in a way that makes them feel cared for. And the one who’s given much attention. When you feel that sense of being loved and cared for you learn more. Because you care about the efforts of those people who are teaching you.

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Get a great learning experience with our online Shia Quran courses:

We are proud to say that the whole staff of our organization is excellent in what they do. They are highly certified and have professional degrees in what they teach. Because of our programs like Shia Quran Classes Online in the USA and Shia Quran Classes Online UK, our organization flourished a lot.

Our founder always wanted to make a reliable name in foreign countries to get it acknowledged there too. The dream came true thanks to the excellence and hard work of our employees.

Great Thoughts From The Shia Quran Classes Online Staff:

If you are indecisive and don’t set your goals in a specific way. You can’t be successful. You must keep your goals clear and continue to work hard to grow in every area. Our Academy Classes teach the same to our students. We ask them to set their goals before starting their journey so that they have a clear vision of their destination. Shia Quran lessons for children provide special education for children. We teach them to prepare their mindset for the right Islamic journey. Shia Quran courses for adults work according to the same plan.

We communicate with our students through Shia Skype Quran courses. So that we can stay connected to them through a proper medium of the Internet by using the facility of our Skype Quran Classes Online. It also ensures the credibility of our organization. We believe not only in providing certain services but also in choosing the right medium for the complete communication of our organization.

Why Choose us?

Al Najaf Quran Academy is an online institute for providing the best Shia Online Quran Classes. Our students get the best chance to learn from the best tutors. Our online Shia Quran teacher is knowledgeable and experienced in the courses he teaches. The atmosphere of our institute is also pleasant and nice. In addition, our Shia Quran teacher is also passionate about providing effective Quranic education. The courses are available in both Urdu and English languages because we invite students from all over the world. Our teachers can speak multiple languages and we hire them to cater to worldwide Momineen.
We also offer classes for children and for this we design special courses for children. Shia Quran courses for children can help parents teach the Quran under their eyes. We also have Islamic scholars teach the advanced course to the students. The students can benefit from their guidance and experience. We want every brother and sister to have easy access to Quran and Islamic education.


Al Najaf Quran Academy teaches Momineen Quran and religion in their home. We offer an easy way of hiring a highly qualified tutor to teach you the courses at any time. Our courses are for kids and adults and we help our students take their lessons online.

Besides Tajweed And Reading Courses, We Offer Other Courses Like Translation, Tafseer, Nahjul Balagha, And Sahife Sajjadiya. We Are An Online Islamic Center Making The Quran Learning Easier For Momineen. Our motive is to offer courses easily and flexibly. We offer Momineen courses all over the world.
We Have Qualified And Experienced Tutors Who Give Lessons In An Interactive Way.They offer Shia Quran lessons on One On One Basis. Now You Can Fulfill Your Religious Responsibility Easily With Us.
Just Like Face-To-Face Interactions Our Classes Through Skype Allow Conversations With Your Tutors.You can chat with your teacher without interruptions via video feed.

Are You Prepared to Begin Your Admission Journey?

Before making your final decision, feel free to apply for admission. To proceed with your enrollment, simply click the button provided below.

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Why Are Quran Classes Important?

We Have Shia Teachers To Give Shia Online Quran Classes. You Can Learn Different Courses With The Help Of A Computer And Internet Connection. Our Goal Is To Spread The Sacred Knowledge Of The Islam With The Help Of The Latest Technologies. Our teaching method breaks all barriers of distance. We Give The Live Lessons Online. Mominen can start learning by sitting at home. Our courses are attended by professional teachers and religious scholars.
A team of professionally trained tutors offer online Shia Quran lessons to Momineen students in the UK. Over The Past Few Years And Through Our Quality Teaching, We Have Established Ourselves As A Respected Online Academy. We Have Been Working As An Online Academy For The Past 13 Years. Our Academy Is The Most Reliable Source Of Learning Quran For You And Your Family.

  • The teacher trains only one student at a time.
  • You Can Take Your Lessons In Your Living Room.
  • Start Your Learning From Anywhere
  • Special Classes For Children And Females
  • On-Demand Timing Of The Lessons
  • Time And Money Saving
  • An Affordable Monthly Fee.

Enrollment In Our Online Courses Is Rising At A Faster Pace.Students all over the world are interested in learning the Quran online in recent years compared to previous years. We Are Proud To Be One Of The World’s Renowned Online Quran Centers For Shia Momineen. We Have Become A Global Shia Quran Center And Offer The Courses That You Wish To Study. We Offer Internet Classes So That Our Students Can Study Comfortably And Can Work During The Day.They can schedule classes according to their schedule. The Students Take Live Classes Through Skype. We offer courses, but let the student learn at their own pace.

We Have Professional Teachers For Shia Online Classes. We are a respected Shia center for Quranic and Islamic education. Online learning is easy if you choose the right platform. We are pleased to be the most trusted source of providing qualified Quranic tutors to Momineen for their better learning. Our academy breaks all barriers of distance and invites Shia Muslims from all over the world to join us.

Shia Quran Classes Online For Ahle Tashi Students

Our Shia Quran training system is for everyone who wants to gain knowledge. This information and knowledge is essentially empowerment and we are enhancing these skills at Shia Quran Classes Online in the USA to Ahle Tash students worldwide. One can attain these characteristics of a good reader,reciter, and memorizing Shia Quran beyond any restrictions and boundaries. Other than the training on skype, one can hire an online Shia Quran Tutor from us.
Ahle Tash families in the US, UK, Canada and other countries can choose our Running course for kids online. We offer separate classes for children.We have multilingual teachers to help students from different cultural backgrounds. Our community usually faces challenges to hiring a Al Najaf Quran Academy locally.So we help our community and provide them the most reliable online Shia Quran learning platform.


Shi’a Muslims consider the accusation that they use a different Koran to be a misunderstanding of Shi’ism. The Shī’ah recite the Qur’an according to the Qirat of Hafs on authority of ‘Asim, which is the prevalent Qirat in the Islamic world.

The Quran Classes is a professional online platform to learn Quran, Arabic Language, and Islamic Studies for kids & adults through one-to-one online sessions provided by native Arab male & female tutors. We started providing Arabic and Quranic education through an interactive online environment a long time ago.

The word Shiite comes from the Arabic word Shiʿat ʿAlī, meaning “partisans of Ali ibn Abi Talib”, “followers of Ali ibn Abi Talib” or “a faction of Ali ibn Abi Talib”.

The Hifz course is structured so that students can memorize the entire Qur’an. Our students in small classes of up to 12 students learn one to one with their teacher in regards to memorization of the Qur’an.

One of the important advantages of online Quran lessons is personalized teaching. Students receive individual attention from their teacher, who knows how to assess their strengths and weaknesses and adapt the learning to their needs.