Our Shia Quran Academy

Teaching and learning are two interlinking features that build the relationship between a teacher and student in Our Shia Quran Academy. Teachers spread their knowledge and teach their students and students want to learn to get an education. If the relationship of both remains respectful and friendly the learning becomes effective and enjoyable. Whether it is face-to-face or online the learning environment matters a lot. Students’ morale and will to learn more build up when the teacher is friendly and cooperative.

Whereas when the teacher is strict towards the students and the environment is stressful the students lose interest. Shia Quran Academy believes in a stress-free environment so that learning becomes fruitful. Especially the children quickly lose interest in learning Quran if the teacher is forcing them to memorize it. The online teachers are aware of this fact so they deal with the students friendly and encourage them. By encouraging and appreciating students, especially kids they tend to learn more effectively.

Online facilitation:

With many things getting online, education has also become virtual. Many virtual colleges and universities are providing online professional education. The same is the case with Quran education. There are students from nearly every country who is having online their Quran education online. Shia Quran tutor all over the world is teaching online to the students. It is a convenient way to spread the word of the Quran to maximum people in the world. People living in non-Muslim countries are taking advantage of this online facility.

It is quite difficult to find a Shia Quran teacher for home tuition in these countries. Not every state has Islamic centers and those that have, are not near to everyone’s home. So online education is the best thing to get at home. Whether you are living anywhere in the world, if you have internet you can get your Shia Quran classes. All you need is a device and a stable connection to connect with your online teacher.

What options you will be getting with online teachers?

Once you get the Quran classes online you will prefer getting them online rather than face to face. It has many advantages over the traditional way of learning the Quran. Let’s discuss the points of your benefits of the Online Shia Quran teacher:

  • Online classes have the flexibility of time. You can get your class at any time at night or day. The class timings are round the clock. What can be more appealing than getting your lessons at the time suitable for you? Whether it’s the middle of the night or day your teacher will be online at your class time.
  • You can take classes even if you are not at home. If you are going on vacation but still want to attend your Quran classes it’s possible to get them. In this way, you don’t have to miss your class if you are far from your home. It’s all about getting online with your device. Your lesson will start from where you leave. There is an e-Quran and your bookmark will tell you the Ayah or Surah you have to continue from.
  • Many of our sisters are not comfortable with the male teachers. Online Shia Quran Academy has both male and female teachers for you to choose best for yourself. The female teachers are equally capable and professional as the male teachers.
  • The online Shia Quran tutors are very professional and have degrees from reputable institutes. When you rely on this online platform, you should check up on your satisfaction with the teacher’s profile. They are the graduates from the universities in the areas of their expertise.
  • As the students for online Quran education are from different countries and have different languages. Shia Quran Academy realizes this so it hires teachers who are fluent in English which is a universal language. All the teachers who give online lessons have a command of English and Arabic languages. Most students are from USA, UK, and Canada so it is easy for them to communicate in English.
  • The teachers are capable of teaching the students with Tajweed rules. It is the most important thing to learn to read Quran with Tajweed. All the online tutors are experts in Tajweed and they teach the students with Tajweed rules.