We all know how difficult it is to find an authentic and reliable Shia Quran center for yourself and your kids these days. Especially when you live in foreign countries where Muslims are a minority, this search for genuine Quran centers becomes even more difficult.

You can now stop your search because Al Najaf Quran Academy is the best Shia Quran center that provides courses for Shia Muslims all around the globe. Our aim is to enlighten the lives of Shia Muslims with profound Quranic and Islamic knowledge.

Importance Of An Online Shia Quran Academy Today

The availability of online Quran and Islam classes makes it convenient for you to learn about your religion from the comfort of your home. Taking classes from your home saves you a lot of time, fuel, and energy. Because you will not have to go to a specific physical location to take your classes. You just need an electronic device and an internet connection and you can start learning about Islam and the Holy Quran from any corner of the world.

Why Is Al Najaf Quran Academy The Top Shia Quran Center? 

Al Najaf Quran Academy is a customer-oriented learning platform and it prioritizes the needs of its students and their concerns. It is the top Online Shia Quran Center for Shia Muslims because of the following features it provides for all of its students.

Availability Of Flexible Schedules

Al Najaf Quran Academy gives its students the right to schedule their classes whenever they are convenient and free. This flexible scheduling enables students to get proficient learning whenever they get free time within their busy daily lives.

Professional And Skilled Quran Tutors

Students can connect with professional and skilled teachers. These Quranic and Islamic teachers have been in the field of Shia Quran teaching for a long time. Students get in-depth learning because all the tutors are well-equipped with the English language, communication skills, and virtual teaching platforms. We also have male and female Online Shia Quran teachers in our team so that you can learn in a comfortable environment.

Affordable Charge Rates

All our courses are available for Muslims worldwide at reasonable and affordable charge rates. All students can learn accurately about their religion in a cost-effective way, without the need to stretch their budget.

Wide Range Of Courses

Another factor that makes Al Najaf Quran Academy the best one is the vast variety of courses it offers. You can learn basic Quran courses, Quran learning courses, and Islamic studies courses. Some of these courses include Yassarnal Quran, Quran with Tajweed, Quan Memorization, Usul e Deen, Furu e Deen, Nahjul Blagha, and others.

Excellent Experience

Our Quran Academy has been operating for more than a decade now. All our staff members also have excellent experience in not only teaching efficiently but also managing everything actively.

Effective Use Of Technology In Classes

In all the courses, effective technology is used to provide detailed and proper knowledge of the Holy Quran and Islam to the students. This includes the use of Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, and other virtual learning platforms.

What You Can Learn From Us?

our Shia Quran Teacher offers one-on-one classes for every student. This individual attention is important as it ensures attention to detail and proper detailed learning of the course curriculum. We teach from the very basic courses like Noorani Qaida and Yassarnal Quran to Quran Memorization and Quran with Tajweed.

In addition to this, we also cover Islamic studies for Shia Muslims. They can learn Nahjul Balagha, Asool e Kafi, Seerat e Imams, Dua e Imam e Zamana, Nada e Ali, Dua e Kumail, Fandamel Principals of Religion (Usool e Deen) and Branches of the Religion (Furu e Deen) from our Islamic experts.

Get Our Free Trial And Start Learning Today!

So, if you are looking for an online learning platform to learn authentic and profound Quranic and Islamic knowledge, your search is over. You can easily start learning from our online Shia Quran Academy today. Avail of our free 3-day trial now and join our community of 1000+ people. You can easily enroll in a course or a free trial by submitting our website form or contact on our provided phone number.